Funding partners


SUSCOD logoSUSCOD stands for Sustainable Coastal Development in practice.  The Project involves partners from North Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and the UK, who share their experiences whilst implementing Integrated Coastal Zone Management in pilot projects. Partners try out tools that have been used successfully elsewhere, and report how well these tools worked in their particular situation.

Based on these experiences, a set of tried and tested tools is collected in a web-based toolbox, known as the ICZM Assistant, which will be made available to people in other coastal regions which are involved with different aspects of coastal management.

The Coast Magazine

The Coast Magazine usefully summarises the work completed during the SUSCOD project.

The pilot projects, work packages, ten golden tips and the ICZM Assistant are all presented and the magazine also feature a range of pictures from the partner areas.

Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme

The Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme logoInterreg programmes are European Union funding mechanisms that aim to stimulate transnational cooperation. The programmes are divided into different strands, according to size and geographical span. There are A, B and C strands.

The North Sea Region Programme is a B strand programme. It focuses on encouraging and supporting cooperation in the North Sea Region.

Essex County Council

Essex County Council logoAll SUSCOD activity in Essex, including the development of the Essex Coastal Forum website is 50 % funded by Essex County Council